Brand New Baby Boy | Lifestyle Session |Surrounded by Boys

When Mom called me again for the second time, I jumped at the chance to photograph the newest addition to the family.  I am not sure what is in the water in Alexandria but Mom was 100% put together and Dad was incredibly smiley,  Maybe, just maybe that Newborn smell does actually cure all that ails ya.

Winter Portrait Specials

Now that Winter has set in (brrrr) it’s time to move the sessions indoors!  Don’t let less than desirable weather stop you from having your precious memories captured.  Your kids and family will continue to grow and change and smile no matter the temperature.

Indoor sessions allows everyone to be in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by their own toys and virtually an unlimited amount of clothing choices.  I bring the backdrop and the lights and the focus will be on you, your pixie(s), your fur pixies…

Please contact me via the contact form, text or a give me a call (703) 887-9961 to discuss how I can help create lasting memories. (and to hear about the specials) PS – if you or your kids are OK with outside portraits – so am I… (smile)


FALL MINI SESSIONS – Family Portraits

I seriously cannot believe that Summer is almost over.  Even tho many Washingtonians are on vacation there are many who have stayed in the area.  And I am thrilled about that because I got to spend the majority of my Summer in Springfield/Burke taking photos of families in Northern Virginia and spending lots of  quality time at the pool watching my kiddo and his friends enjoy the comradery of Swim Team.   I will post photos from the summer below this post (in a few days :))

As promised, the information about my Fall Mini Sessions can be seen in the flyer below.   Space is limited for weekend dates.  I am more flexible during the week, with times and locations.  All Newborn Sessions will take place during the week October thru November unless an outdoor mini session is requested.  I schedule no more than 4 families per day.  If there is bad weather on your contracted date, there WILL be room to reschedule.  I do hope to hear from you soon.

Senior Session|Tuba Player|Leaving the Nest

I am going to make this post about me (smile) instead about this young man who is ready to “fly solo – He is leaving the nest and is off to college.

Whenever I photograph young men and women who have worked so very hard to get to college I get a little nostalgic.  I remember my baby when he played with Thomas the Tank Engine.  I remember him never being able to leave the house without wearing his batman clothes – Thank God for Sharpies, because – yes, I had to draw a bat on his undies many o’ times because I didn’t have time to wash his t-shirts…

I remember his first day of preschool, Kindergarten… I watched him grow, nursed and cared for him after he broke a few bones – I cheered him on as he dropped time in Swim. I am now watching him develop muscles – he’s working on his 6 pack (LOL), have girls crush on him and vice versa.  I am watching the disappointment in his eyes as he gets a sub par grade even tho he studied and worked hard…

I look at all of my Senior parents with wonder in my eyes cuz they have already gone thru what I am actually going thru.  I am so happy for this young man as he spreads his wings.   I am forever thankful that I am able to capture these moments as the kiddos enter the nest (newborn) and as they leave the nest (seniors).  I’ll stop typing now, so you can see this young man and hopefully remember all the fun times when your kiddo was a baby. Although – he always will be… YOUR BABY

Baby Girl|Arlington Photographer|11 Days New|Proud Poppa

Every single time I photograph a newborn, I get younger. I no longer feel like the Mom of a 14 year old teen aged boy, but a woman who gets to hold and smell little babies.  I’ve said this before but I WISH a chemist would invent newborn perfume.  I know I’d buy it.

This family lives in a great condo in Ballston  (a neighborhood in Arlington VA)   They have amazing window light that allowed me to have a few backlit photos without any of my “fancy equipment”  I just stood Mom and her newest baby in front of the sliding glass door and this is what I got.  This was the last photo of the day…


After this was taken, I was talking to dad about his eye sight.  He mentioned that both he and Mom have contests about who can see the furthest.  Clearly their genes transferred to their youngest.  At the tender young age of 11 days old, she could actually see me  She was tracking my every move – when she wasn’t sleeping.  It was an amazing thing to witness.

And for good measure, I Have to show a photo of the eldest “baby” and her daddy. 

And a sleeping baby.  One of my favorite poses.   Look at those cheeks!!!


Baby Girl|Cake Smash|Birthday Boy, and Their siblings|Family Photographer|Children

You guys!  (pretend I’m saying that with my best Valley Girl Voice – Yes, I am dating myself) I have had so MUCH fun photographing these three families.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work but it was all done with a smile on my face.  I travelled to MD, Annandale and Alexandria.

The first family, baby brother just could not get enough of his Sister.   She will be so very protected by the men in her family.

And seriously, this next image is dripping with emotion.  Dad is soo in love with his baby.

I met this family at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria.  I love this location for the many scenic backgrounds that are available in a small space.  This was a half session and there was so much diversity in their gallery.  I am just showing a sneak…

The next one was a two part session – One part cake smash – one part family.  Mom made the cake – and I have never ever seen a one year old eat cake so fast and with such enthusiasm.

And of course Sissy and big brother had to have a turn in front of the camera.  

Doretha Campbell - I love your photos…and would like to speak with you.
I have two beautiful granddaughters, 14 and 6 years of age. I would like to have a combined photo of them…. Thank you.

PixieMemories - Please send me at text at 703-887-9961

Spring Is In the Air | Family Photography| Celebrate Every Moment

I cannot believe that Spring is right around the corner.  Its time to think about the Cherry Blossoms – they will bloom early this year thanks to all of the beautiful warm weather we have been having.

We made it thru the holidays and waited with bated breath for a good snow fall. But,  the daffodils are popping up, the crocus flowers have come and gone – I am not a gambling woman (well, except Black Jack and the Penny Slots… I know, I know) but I don’t think we are going to get a nice heavy snow in the Northern Virginia/DC metro area.

As a photographer, I do love snow portraits – but we must Celebrate Every Moment.  And the best way to remember the celebrated moments is thru photography.

Every few years I go thru images of my kiddo.  Here he is in 2012 – right b4 school started.  Just b4 he started third grade.  And then again a few days ago – he is in 8th grade.  I think I will need to get him a razor soon enough!  It’s scary how fast they grow and change.  But I am oh so Blessed that I have these photos to look at – every single day.

And just to show you that anyone can have the studio look in their own home – here is a pull back from the image above.  And yes, I still have Candy Canes laying around.  I cant help it – they are YUMMY.

I am now scheduling sessions for the Spring into early June.  Weekend availability starts in March but if you need a date during the week, I am a bit more flexible.  Send me a text/call  (703) 887-9961 or send me an email at to schedule a date or if you have any questions.