Washington DC Photographer|Baby Boy…

I was nothing short of thrilled when this family came back and asked me to photograph their new baby boy.   Big Brother was a busy little bee but when it was “his turn” he was able to work his magic.  Maybe, just maybe, Dad’s boys will be a professional soccer player (football player) just like he was.


The Eyelashes….(swoon)  Look below if you’d like to see big brother as a newborn…

Springfield VA Family Photographer| Hidden Pond Nature Center|Photograph Every Moment

Many of you know that I photograph newborns, but, did you know that I will also capture many life events (not weddings or parties)?  The photos below are so special.  Mom and Dad’s oldest son is moving to FL with his fiancé and their youngest son is “on his way” to the Major Leagues.  He is a star baseball player at West Springfield HighSchool and he is only a Sophomore!  Mom’s family is ever changing, and I am honored that she chose me to capture another family milestone.


DC Cherry Blossoms – 2015

I have lived close to DC for almost 20 years.  And in that time, I have only made my way into DC twice to see the Cherry Blossoms.   The first year, I went when the trees were at peak, in all of their glory – and BOY was it crowded, but beautiful.

This year, I went a few days after peak.  It was cold and Windy but so very beautiful.


TWINS!|Baby J and Baby B| Arlington VA Twin Photographer

I remember before I was a photographer, a mom..an adult, I seriously thought that all twins were the same.  I even had the delusion that all siblings are similar – minus a few minor differences after all, they do grow up in the same household.  Boy oh boy, did I get that wrong – on every single level.  I am not sure why I thought that.  I have 5 siblings and every single one of us are different – in every way possible – LOL.  I digress.  Back to Baby J and Baby B…

Their personalities are STRONG.  One spent a wee bit of time in the NICU to get his lungs a little stronger and the other patiently waited until his brother came home.   I chose these two to sneak because it shows personality and Love.  I wonder how I should caption the first one…?LOL



Can we just say “Awwwwww” all at the same time? I was trying to pose their hands, but they insisted on doing it this way, who am I to say no to that?


What Fun! Baby G is ONE! – Alexandria, VA Cake Smash Photographer

I first met baby G when she was in utero – mom GLOWED! 


There really is no wonder why G is (and hopefully always will be) a person who carves her own path.  She was such a fun newborn baby girl.


And Not one single thing has changed since then.  I PUFFY heart LOVE her kissy face and her laughter is NOTHING short of amazing.


Happy Birthday “Baby G”

A PRETTY Two Year Old| Mommy Love| West Springfield Toddler Photographer

There is not much that I can say about this family without getting a little emotional.  Without saying too much, this child was meant to be.  I wish I could share the entire gallery for the sneak peek, but these two will have to do. 🙂  I will say that what I learned about this amazing two year old is that he has GREAT fine motor skills, his listening skills are spot on and he CAN be a model.  He followed directions like a champ.  The on his face is from the best kisses ever – Mommy kisses – and clearly he enjoys his mom’s company – look at the big hearty belly laugh – plus he ate ice cream without spilling or getting it all over his face!


Dunn Loring Newborn Photographer| Big Sister| Perfect Pixie

You know you are going to have a successful session when you meet the most relaxed parents ever!  You could feel the love in this home.  This kiddo and his big Sister are so very blessed to have Mom and Dad in their lives – of course the sneak is of the little ones – cuz well… they are sooo adorable.