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This time of year, I usually take photos of my clients outside.  This family, however wanted more of a studio session.  So with all my gear in the trunk of my Mustang (yes its a convertible) off I went to visit this family in Annandale VA.

As a photographer, many people have asked me what my style is – and after much contemplating, I think I can sum it up in one word.  Joy!  I capture Joy.


Please contact me for available dates and locations.

Vivian - Hi!
May have some info of maternity and newborn sessions plz? Thanks

PixieMemories - Can you please send me an email @pat@pixiememories.com.

SPRING MINI SESSIONS are being Scheduled

With the Winter that we have had – it’s hard to believe that Spring is around the corner.  I believe that to be true because my daffodils are starting to grow.  After all, that is the first sign of Spring – so of course it’s time to start thinking of Spring Mini Sessions.

You pick the Day, Time and Location.  If you’d like to save $60 – prepay for ALL of the images.  Weekends tend to go first.  I only take three families per weekend – after all – there is a chance that it will rain and I want to make sure you will get your photos in the beautiful weather.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

SENI9RS!| West Springfield Seniors|Where has the time gone?

I am sure every parent remembers when their “babies were born and when they matriculated to the next level in life.  It’s really bitter sweet.  As parents, we are supposed to do everything in our power to make sure these kids who were once dependent on us for everything, are now able to navigate this world without us by their sides (sniff, sniff).  BUT, they will always know that we are just a text away – or a phone call IF they even know how to use one of those “ancient things” – LOL

Senior Girl
And Just because I can – I am adding a photo of my Swimmer 🙂  He will be a senior in a few years (sniff, sniff)

Playground Hair – Don’t Care| Sneak Peek| Mini Session

It’s so rewarding photographing this little girl.  This time around we chose to hang out in Oldtown and go to the playground.  So thankful I was chosen to capture their pixie having a great time in her “element”.  The images were taken when she was at her happiest – 3pm and basking in the Spring sun.  Just goes to show ya, the best time for a portrait session is when the pixies are the happiest. 


“Da BEACH”| in Northern VA|

I believe the closest “real” beach to us is in DE or MD – not northern VA.  But there is a GREAT park that I love to take advantage of – right here in NOVA.  It’s 30 miles from DC, 25 miles from Alexandria and 20 miles from most parts of Fairfax County.

Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a session at da beach!

I’m a Princess|Alexandria Photographer|Mini Session

There are so many times during a child’s life – I was going to say young life but realized that as a mom, I want (let’s be honest – NEED) to document EVERYTHING.  But, I also do not want a shrine in my house – LOL.  And that is why I now offer mini sessions year round.  They take about 30 minutes, and just like that, your Pixie’s Princess Stage has been documented.

Pretend play has been proven to be an essential part of a kid’s education.   They are actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life and the best part – your child develops self esteem – they believe they can be anything they want to be.  So, this day, I can hear this Pixie say – “Today, and everyday is a GREAT day to be a princess!”