• Why are your prices, literally over $1,500 LESS than many of the other professional photographers in the area?

The short answer is overhead.  I do not have a brick and mortar studio, and you know first hand how expensive real estate is in Northern VA.   With a brick and Mortar store comes employees and all of the tax and liability “headaches” that go along with it.   Not including the heating, electricity and cleaning bills.  I could go on and on… (LOL)

  • Why are your prices, literally 100’s of dollars more than other photographers?

I am not in the habit of justifying my prices, but I will give you  glimpse into the business end of running a portable photography studio.

  1.  Hardware and Software is constantly changing.  It’s not the camera but the person behind it. BUT, it is the computer and software upgrades that you must keep up with.  Because of the instant digital age, it’s expected that you get a faster turn-around that the days of film.  And as a professional, I chose to only purchase pro equipment.
  2.   The Post Production time for a session has changed since digital has become the norm. it includes, but not limited to downloading, culling images, file naming, color correction, backing up on external hard drives, retouching and delivery.  I now offer digital downloads so you can now get your images even faster. 🙂
  3. Experience.  My assistant and I can safely position a newborn and get the famous taco pose or the hands under the chin.  You must have a working knowledge of photoshop and layers to successfully pull off these poses.  I can pose and light you and your child so that you always look your best.   This is especially important for newborn, birth and wedding photography.  There are no do overs.  You cannot photograph a birth – again, you cannot take newborn photos – again (they change so much the first two weeks of life.  By the third week, they are totally different person) and you cannot cut the cake-again.  Your photographer should have the experience and equipment to work in every situation.  They may prefer and choose to work under certain lighting conditions, and you should defer to them. You are hiring a professional because you like their style and as professionals we have the portfolio to consistently get the same results over and over again.
  • I have a small space with no lighting.  Can you still photograph us?

Yes.  I have the proper lenses and professional lights so space and light is never an issue.  I’ve even done a newborn session in a galley kitchen.

  • I really love outdoor sessions, but I cannot make the “golden hour” time frame.  It conflicts with my child’s nap time?  Can you still work with us?

Of course, the beauty of working with a professional photographer is that she can work in any lighting situation.

  • Honestly, I love the option that you come to me, BUT I would really prefer a studio setting.  Can you do that?

Yes.  I can rent studio space for your session.  However, The session cannot last more than three hours.

  • My child scratched her face yesterday, should I cancel the session? 

Not necessarily –  The magic of photoshop can work wonders.  However if your pixie is not his or her normal self, it’s best to postpone the session, but to be 100% sure, you can text me a photo of your pixie’s face and we can make the determination.

  • Do you offer mini sessions? And how are they priced?

Yes. They are perfect if you just want a few images(about 10 proofs to choose from) to document an important event in your child’s life.  If your pixie loves playing the flute, has a favorite stuffed animal, Fall/Holiday, one year cake smash sessions, super hero sessions, our kid and their favorite pet – the possibilities are endless.   I also offer mini sessions for newborns, but they do not involve any props or blankets – mostly life style – showing joy in your pixie’s new environment.

  • Do I HAVE to have my photos on-line?  I would prefer if they were not of Facebook, your website, twitter…

Your personal images do not have to be posted anywhere on line – just let me know.  I have a process in place so that will not happen.  Just say the word.

  • I have a preemie who was born two months ago?  Can I still schedule a newborn session?

Yes, if your pixie’s adjusted age is 21 days or less. If it is more, I would recommend a regular session.  Most babies at the age of three weeks have no interest in being placed in a basket. 🙂