OUR 2021 Seniors

This year has been interesting for our Seniors to say the very least.  As we get closer to graduation, I will showcase EACH of my senior clients in their own special post.  Seniors please let me know what your future plans are so the whole world can see that “the show must go on”  – That’s a quote from one of my favorite bands… Pink Floyd. 

But here is a snapshot of some of the seniors I photographed this year.   Thankfully I have a long lens  (70-200) so I was able to maintain social distancing at all times.  And a shameless plug to let everyone know my Spring Dates are now open and this year – EVERYONE gets a referral bonus – you can choose between cold hard cash, Photo Credit or a Surprise.  Now scroll and take a look at our Sweet Seniors (smile)

OBOE Headshot Photo| Great Outdoors|

All I have to say is Lucky Me.  I love photographing musicians.  This mini headshot session was filled with laughter and fun and some great photos (if I do say so myself) to let employers know who you are by JUST looking at your image. 

FALL Family & Senior Photos

It’s that time of year again.  Weekend dates are filling up fast.  But the silver lining is that there are slots open during the week. Please contact me for availability.

Family and Senior Special

Christmas in July and FALL DATES ARE OPEN!

I was going to wait to post all of this until the 25th, BUT who doesn’t like an early Christmas in July Sale?  This year is like no other, in sooo many ways.  This meme says it all – lol

All joking aside, I am so excited to announce that we HAVE A SANTA!  We are doing a Summer Santa Session on the 26th of July.  The cost is $199 and includes a 20 minute session AND three images.  We also Have October 10th open as well.  Space is limited because this REAL SANTA is in high demand.

There is A LOT of information in this post.  Fall Dates are also open.   Its also a good time to get your seniors on the schedule and family photos. Social distancing will apply for all of these sessions.  I will only use the 70-200 lens this season.  If we get “lucky” maybe the kids can sit on Santa’s lap in October…

For The Fall Family/Senior Sessions – the retainer is $79 and each image is $35.  We can also do Unicorn Sessions as well in the Fall, again, thanks to Hogback Mountain Pony Rides.  The price point is a bit higher for the Unicorns, but totally worth is for this unique experience.

The “Bonus” about Covid is that there will be more flexibility with scheduling dates – you can also schedule your session during the week.

Family Lifestyle Session|Alexandria VA|Newborn Baby Girl

There is just something that just warms my heart about life style sessions.  It’s just so filled with emotion.  The images below make me swoon! I, as a photographer got to capture true and genuine feelings because this new baby girl entered the family. I’ll stop yapping now – or I guess I should say typing so you can enjoy these images as much as I do.

UNICORN Session|Any Age|NOVA Photographer

I am excited to announce that I  have partnered with Hogback Pony Rides to create one of a kind Unicorn Sessions.  Only 4 spots remaining on December 8th.  However, this can also be purchased as a gift to be used at a later date.

Please feel free to contact me or Hogback for more information.  Photos will be ready in time for Holiday Gift Giving if you schedule for the 8th!

Outtakes|Annandale Photographer|Studio Photos|Siblings &Fur babies

This time of year, I usually take photos of my clients outside.  This family, however wanted more of a studio session.  So with all my gear in the trunk of my Mustang (yes its a convertible) off I went to visit this family in Annandale VA.

As a photographer, many people have asked me what my style is – and after much contemplating, I think I can sum it up in one word.  Joy!  I capture Joy.