What to Wear

Family Photographer Burke VA


I’m often asked what do I wear.  The simplest answer is no extreme in fashion.  When you look at your portraits, you do not want it to scream 1985.  No neon clothes, plastic earrings or bracelets – Am I dating myself? LOL

I always tell my clients to start with Mom and then the kids and then Dad (sorry guys).  Mom, pick the color that you feel you look best in and then go from there. 🙂  Making sure the colors are all of the same hue.

I have a few examples on my Pinterest site and if you look at the photo above, I will explain why this image is perfectly put together without everyone being all Matchy Matchy.

As you can see, Mom stands out, but you also see everyone else. Everyone is wearing jeans but none of them are the same shade.  Her youngest son is wearing a sweater with a pop of yellow to tie him in the image.  His sweater’s main color is dark blue, which incorporates his older brother.  The shirt under the older brother’s sweater is gray and Dad is wearing a grey sweater, and it also has a pop of blue to tie him in with everyone – and there is also a touch of grey in the younger sons sweater.  Everyone is tied together – and they don’t “match”.

What I love most about this image, no white socks. 🙂  I’m not sure if mom also meant to match the dog’s leash with the buttons on her sweater, but it all worked out. 🙂

I usually caution people away from wearing all white or all black because the whites and blacks are rarely the same shade.

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