Senior Session|Tuba Player|Leaving the Nest

I am going to make this post about me (smile) instead about this young man who is ready to “fly solo – He is leaving the nest and is off to college.

Whenever I photograph young men and women who have worked so very hard to get to college I get a little nostalgic.  I remember my baby when he played with Thomas the Tank Engine.  I remember him never being able to leave the house without wearing his batman clothes – Thank God for Sharpies, because – yes, I had to draw a bat on his undies many o’ times because I didn’t have time to wash his t-shirts…

I remember his first day of preschool, Kindergarten… I watched him grow, nursed and cared for him after he broke a few bones – I cheered him on as he dropped time in Swim. I am now watching him develop muscles – he’s working on his 6 pack (LOL), have girls crush on him and vice versa.  I am watching the disappointment in his eyes as he gets a sub par grade even tho he studied and worked hard…

I look at all of my Senior parents with wonder in my eyes cuz they have already gone thru what I am actually going thru.  I am so happy for this young man as he spreads his wings.   I am forever thankful that I am able to capture these moments as the kiddos enter the nest (newborn) and as they leave the nest (seniors).  I’ll stop typing now, so you can see this young man and hopefully remember all the fun times when your kiddo was a baby. Although – he always will be… YOUR BABY

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