Senior Portraits|Best Friends|And… They’re Off

Remember when your baby was actually little?  Hopefully Mom and Dad will look back at these photos and say the same thing.  Kids change ALL the time and documenting these  changes is the beginning of an heirloom.

These girls, eh hem – I mean young women, are off to start the rest of their lives.  They have been “besties” all thru school and now their lives are taking a different path.  They are OFF to college where the world will offer them EVERYTHING.  Because of technology, they can still keep in touch but it’s not the same as passing a note in class (am I dating myself?) or hanging out at lunch, on the Prom…

I was so honored that Mom chose me to capture this special time in their lives.  They have worked so HARD to get where they are.  Young Ladies , have a GREAT time in college (not too great – college is EXPENSIVE…lol) and I do hope you remain friends forever even tho, you are all parting ways and carving your own path in life.




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