Pull Back of 11 Year Old Portrait – Northern VA Tween Photographer

This was taken in my living room.  It’s about 14 feet wide (not very big at all).  The freedom cloth is attached by clamps to the curtains.

Pull back

I used the Canon 135L and the EXIF is ISO – 200 f/2.0 and Shutter Speed 1/160.  And this is the photo SOOR (Straight Out of Raw)  As you can see the image is pretty cool because I did not use a Custom White Balance.  The expo disc was in my other camera bag and I did not want to walk ALL  the way downstairs to get it – HA!

11 year old boy portrait

And after a crop and color correction and darkening of the b/g – here is my son’s 11 year portrait.  I still don’t get how he got so big so fast – he was just 6 lbs YESTERDAY!

Family Photographer

MY PIXIES!!!! – A Year in Review – Northern VA Photographer

Year after Year, I am amazed and humbled that I get to meet so many families and be part of their world, even if it’s a few hours.  Like Emily Matthews writes, ” How wonderful it is to feel life’s joy in all we do…How wonderful to see life’s beauty everywhere…”  And boy oh boy, do I get to do exactly that.  Here is a slide show of all the pixies I got to “play” with over the course of 2013.

If you watched until the end, THANK YOU!  Those “babies” are cute!

There are also a lot of changes coming in the new year – one of them is that I am NOT going to raise my current prices but I will be offering a lot of different kinds of sessions.  Stay tuned – Happy Holidays!


Newborn Baby Girl – 7 Days New – Woodbridge, VA Newborn Photographer

When I first met this little precious newborn,  she was inside her mommy’s tummy.  They tried sooo hard for her, and I know she was she worth the wait.  She is amazing!   It was so wonderful to cuddle and sooth her – I just breathed in the youth – I cannot gush enough about her…

For the Photographers – this was shot with a single strobe, using the 35mm f/1.4L on the MKIII.  Yes, I am a Canon gal.  SS – 160 – F/2.0 ISO 200

baby toes
newborn girl
newborn baby
baby in a tutu
black and white newborn portraiture

Santa Baby – In Studio Christmas Photos – Aspiring Model

I first met this “little lady” when she was just learning how to walk and form full sentences.  My, how she has grown.  Mom says that she aspires to be a model, and based on her looks and personality, that is exactly what is going to happen.  Good Luck in everything – And Merry Christmas!

P.S  Cant you just drown in her eyes?  So beautiful!

Studio Santa

3 Year Old Photographer | Burke Virginia | Babe in the Woods

I met his older sister 8 years ago, but I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and his mom early one morning.  Early, meaning 10am – LOL.  The whole world was silent and I think every single animal came out to greet us at Burke Lake Park.  They have no fear of people, what so ever.  It was great to see…

I also used my new Canon 24-70 2.8 II Lens.  It was fresh out of the box, but as soon as its micro adjusted to my MKIII, it may have to be my second favorite lens.  Nothing compares to the 70-200 2.8 II – well, except the Canon 200 2.0L  (thats on my wish list – If I ever start photographing seniors and adults, I would have this lens…) It really is BEAUTIFUL!


Boy and squirrel
Boy in Woods three years old natural light burke Va
Mom and her son
flock of seagulls

Welcome to the World Baby Girl – Falls Church Newborn Photographer – Pixie Memories

I was so pleased with this session.  I seriously loved every single one of the proofs that I gave them.  Baby girl, had a rough start – she’s is a preemie and is two months old here BUT she is 2 weeks adjusted.  She was PERFECT!  The Whole family was perfect.  I’ll stop swooning and below you will see a few of the photos.  Everything just screams JOY!  I could not decide between color andy/w so I chose to show both.


newborn Girl
newborn photographer
mom dad and baby
baby girl in mom and dads hands
dad and daughter
baby girl
Mom and Baby girl

How to Add Snow in Photoshop – Family Photographer – Pixie Memories

I would first like to say that I am a photographer first and foremost not a retoucher or photoshop guru.  However, I live in Northern VA where it is cold enough to snow but we rarely get any snow and when we do manage to see snow flakes, the roads are often not safe to drive on, so its difficult to have natural snow images.  Because of the magic of photoshop, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!  I have CS6, but my assumption is that the directions will be the same for the older versions, the screen just may not look the same,

Directions are as follows:

1.  Open a photo that you want covered in snow.   I would suggest editing the image using your normal routine and once finished use that final portrait as your base.

Step One for Snow Image

2. Choose the eye dropper tool from the toolbar and click on the green.  I chose one of the leaves that were medium green.

Blog Snow 2

3.  Go to Select —> Color Range and set the fizziness to 135, choose sampled colors from the select box and White Matte from the Selection Preview and click OK.

Blog Snow 3

4.  You will see the matching ants on the screen, and create a new layer call it snow, go to Edit—> Fill,  and choose White for Contents and deselect (Command D on the MAC) to get rid of the marching ants then add a masking layer.

Blog Snow 4

5.  You should see “snow” and start masking out the areas you do not want

Blog Snow 5

6. Cool down your image using your favorite method.  (This is where your artistry comes in)  And then head on over to www.deviantart.com and download THIS overlay.  They have more, so you can look around and see which one fits your mood. Open the snow image and drag it on top of your photo and set the blending mode to Screen. And this is what you will see (after setting it to screen mode)

Blog Snow 6

7. Add a masking layer in case you don’t like where the snow is and have fun!

Have fun walking in your Winter Wonderland!  If you have other questions, please feel free to ask.


Family Outdoor Photos – Annandale VA

I am so honored that I get to photograph this family every year.  The best part is not only physically being able to see how much they have grown but their personalities are so much more mature than when I first met them.  I remember the smallest girl would laugh every time I would sneeze – and that was on her first birthday.  Who knew it would be so funny!  But true to her personality, she is FILLEd with laughter and giggles to this day.  She gave me a run for my money BUT it was worth it cuz the laughter is still ringing in my ears.

The oldest girl is very much the protector and is mature for her age.  Plus I am in LOVE with her red hair.

Sister Photos
Family Photos
Family Photos
Toddler Photos