Washington DC Photographer|Baby Boy Hershey

I love this families story – it’s very close to my story – being touched by adoption.  I was so excited when they asked me to document this special time in their lives.

Here is one of the cutest munchkins.

red thread baby b/w
smiling baby
hand on chin

The last images was created using the “magic” of photoshop – please do not attempt this unless you understand composites.  If you would like info on how to to this, please let me know and I will write a quick tutorial.  I use CS6


Springfield VA Newborn Photographer | Squishable and pinchable Cheeks

The photos really do say a lot for themselves.  This family is so happy to have him in their lives – he is just perfect.  Don’t you think?  The best part about the session was how well he cooperated and of course the fact that I was very close to Kingstown – which means I got my TJMaxx and HomeGoods fix after I left. (Ha! – it’s the little things)

NEwborn baby boy in grey
family portrait classic
baby in a bucket
Close up of baby boy


Sneaks – Newborn Photographer in Northern VA and Washington DC

There MUST have been something in the water about 9 months ago.  Lots of babies – lots of cuteness.  I’m so blessed and excited to be a part of these families – even just for a little while.

Here is my little sweet potato baby:

Potato sack baby

This next little boy, made it out of the NICU and he got to have how first professional photo session.

red thread baby

And the other cute little pixie I got to hang out with…

hand on chin Springfield VA photographer


SMASH THAT CAKE | One Year Old Mr G | Montgomery County, MD Newborn and Family Photographer

This little man, seriously holds a special place in my heart.  When I first met him, he looked like this – extremely safe in his grandpa’s hands.


He was born a micro preemie.  In the image above, he is three months old and in the photo below (7 months later) he is just shy of one year.  Big Bird was his length when he was born.  Look at how far he has come.  He’s one tough cookie.   And BOY – does he like cake!

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Siblings are the Best| Northern VA Family Photographer

Boy oh Boy do I love it when my clients keep coming back.  I first met this little man when he was in utero, then again when he was a few days old, now I cannot believe that his temperament is exactly the same.  Easy going and full of smiles.  Big Sister is also spirited and a ton of fun.  I got a big hug from her after the session.  This family is truly amazing – and photogenic.   I do think my favorite is the candid of Mom and Daughter.

6 month old boy
2 years of perfection
Mom and Daughter Portraits
Siblings Burke VA

Sweet Baby Girl | 14 days NEW | Alexandria VA Newborn Photographer

My favorite inquiries are for newborn babies.  Only because they are only that small and malleable for such a short amount of time.    I am always honored to be chosen to capture them PLUS, they smell soooo good.  It’s like breathing in youth.   Which equates to (jn my head), the more newborns I photograph – the younger I become… (HA!)

HOW darling is she?



Handsome and Gretel | Come As You Are Sessions | Northern VA Child Photographer

You may ask what is a come as you are session.  It is a mini session (around 20 minutes) where your kids dress themselves.  (we know as they get older they DO have an opinion – LOL) They come in their FAVORITE outfits and I photograph your pixies JUST being themselves in all their perfectness.  I so love that she showed up in her ballet uniform and that he was in his tae kwon doe gear.  It makes my heart happy.

I felt so thrilled that I was able to capture these memories for the D family. 

Preschool Photographer
Preschool Girl
siblings in the woods
siblings holding hands


6 Months Old – Simply Pure Organic and Clean |Arlington Family Photographer

I actually squealed a little bit when I received an email asking me to photograph their girl.  I remember her older sister and these parents are amazing and their kids are also stunning so I knew this was going to be a fun session.

The parent’s vision and my vision are perfectly matched.  We both prefer images that are about the child, not about what they are sitting standing on, it’s not even about the clothes.  It’s just about them.  In their sweetest most innocent part of their lives.  The first image that you will see, is me trying out a new editing process.  It looks like an oil painting…

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I would LOVE to include every single image from the session, but like Mom said, its a challenge just picking my favorites…So i randomally picked a few.

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I would love to read your comments and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Vermele S. Martinez - Gorgeous images! 🙂

Baby J, Welcome to the World! | Falls Church VA Newborn Photographer

Baby J is 17 days new and he is clearly the apple of Mommy’s and Daddy;s eyes.  Dad was so attentive and patient and clearly in love with  this little miracle.  After snuggles and a feeding or two with Mom he settled right down and I had the honor of making  some beautiful newborn portraits.  Mom and Dad – here are your sneaks!  Like the photos? Leave a comment. 🙂 

001_square_S72A0624 copy
002_BW_S72A0661 copy