Dunn Loring Newborn Photographer| Big Sister| Perfect Pixie

You know you are going to have a successful session when you meet the most relaxed parents ever!  You could feel the love in this home.  This kiddo and his big Sister are so very blessed to have Mom and Dad in their lives – of course the sneak is of the little ones – cuz well… they are sooo adorable.  


Arlington Newborn Photographer| Baby T| Blizzard Baby

Mom told me that baby T was born when the”wonderful” snowstorm hit.  She went on to say that she was snowed in at the hospital.  And to make things more challenging, the neighbors and Dad had to shovel a path up the street to her house because the plows hadn’t been thru yet, just so baby T could be nestled in his bed – and of course so big brother could meet his baby brother.

Baby T was one of the most PATIENT newborns – he rarely cried and he just went with the flow.  I suspect Mom and Dad have a peacemaker on their hands – a peacemaker who plays soccer, swims or runs track.  Boy – He has the strongest kick.   I’ll stop chatting about this great kid – Mom and Dad – here is your sneak.

Newborn two week Old

Two Week Old Baby Boy

Falls Church Newborn Photographer | He’s FINALLY Home

So, I get back from vacation and I am reminded of what I did the day before I left.  I played with a baby and his new family.   The joy that everyone feels for the newest family member is amazing and dare I say, profound.  Lifestyle photography is “real” in terms of emotion.  Never over processed and hopefully my images show the raw emotion that is being portrayed at that exact moment in time.   Here are a few sneaks Mom.


Almost 9 Days Old – Alexandria Newborn Photographer – Baby N

I always love photographing little babies, but there was something about this family that felt like home.  Maybe it was because my son was almost named Nathaniel, maybe it was because Mom reminded me so much of a good friend of mine, maybe it was because the house was FILLED with love and family or maybe it was because Baby Nate is definitely a gift!  Here is your sneak!  Enjoy.


Fall Sessions – Woodbridge, Fairfax, Clifton and McLean VA

Oh how I love the fall and the many locations around Northern VA and all its has to offer.  Documenting a family as they grow and mature, is just nothing short of wonderful.  Every single child has their own personality and things that will make them smile.  I have always been happy that I capture a child’s personality.  I feel that is the difference between a snapshot and a portrait.  I’ll stop rambling now and let you see all the pretty people.


4 year Old Girl| Military Photographer | I’m a big Sister| Sneak Peek

Have you ever had one of those newborn sessions, where the oldest sibling was amazing!? Not only did she follow directions – LOVE on her brother – she likes the Grinch!!! She prefers the Jim Carrey version – I’ll forgive that part… But her smile just melts me… Normally, I would sneak the newborn but we took this while her brother was eating.