Alexandria Newborn Baby Girl | Military Family |

This family was such a joy to work with.  It was hard to get big sister to crack a smile BUT when she did – boy oh boy did it light up the room.   The session took place after right b4 Dad had to head out to his next tour in Africa.  Military families are such an honor to work for.  I will stoop rambling, so everyone can just soak up the cuteness this newborn photographer got to experience.  And as you can see, baby girl had no issues with smiling…


My MIL and her Littles| Family Portraiture | Springfield Photographer

Since you guys see many images of my clients, I decided to show you a little peek into my family.  My Mother in law came down to visit and so did my sister in law and her partner.  But of course, like the cobbler’s son who has no shoes, I have no images with me in them – LOL.   But, I am loving these photos and I look forward to them hanging on the wall.

Nana and grandson
Mom and Daughter
Couple portrait
These images were all taken in my living room and my hubby even got in the photo!  yeah!

6 week old baby| Hanging in Alexandria|Pets and baby

Who says its hard to photograph a baby that is 6 weeks old?  Not me (smile).  I packed up my gear and headed out to Alexandria Virginia to take this little pixie’s first portraits.  I knew that I might not be able to get all the squishy poses but I was confident that I could get poses that showcases his newness.

This little man was a champ.  Mom and Dad followed my pre session directions and he behaved just as I wanted him to – I love photos with eyes wide open – and I was able to capture some of those as well as the sleepy baby images.  I will stop rambling now and let you see all the cuteness below.  P.S.  Their little dog was perfectly behaved – loved him too!

Baby in bucket with pet
on dady
baby on arms

P.S.  Have you noticed that I have not done a naked baby in years, but the innocence is still maintained?

Burgundy Farm Country Day School | Donated Session | Winter Portraits

Every year I donate one session to a school.  This year Burgundy Farm Day Country School was the recipient. If Friends School ( My old Stomping grounds) was closer to my house, I would donate there as well.  🙂

This family met me at Burke Lake Park – the trees lost all their leaves as they prepared for the cold months ahead – BUT, we were still able to find some beautiful color that morning.  Let your eyes feast on all the cuteness.


Newborn Baby Girl | Alexandria, VA | Strong like her Parents

Baby girl was bound to be strong.  Dad is a soccer player and Mom is a swimmer, so of course she has super strong legs and she made sure that I was well aware of her DNA.  She kicked out of every swaddle and wrap – but we still managed to get her settled.   Take a gander at the cuteness.  And I LOVE that Dad did the nursery.

Baby girl - hand under chin