CASTING CALL! Plus Images of a beautiful young lady playing her Violin – Burke Photographer

In the Spirit of Valentines Day, I am looking for 2 girls between the ages of 3 and 10 who will be able to model their Moms or grandmother’s wedding dress.  One girl will be used for an outside session and the other girl will be inside.


The first two responders will receive a Free mini session and one Free digital image of their choice.

Keep reading to see some STUNNING images:

I dont have many words about this session.  When I look at them I believe I have captured the essence of this girl and her Mom – they were so much fun to work with.

These images reminds be of two Ansel Adams quotes:

– A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.

– You don’t take a photograph, you make it.







Newborn-Baby-Boy Springfield-VA-Photographer

I’ve said this so many times, and each time I utter the words, ” I LOVE What I Do” The meaning and the feeling just gets deeper.


This family is new to the area and thankfully; one of my past newborn clients referred them to me. Baby C was 10 days old when these images were taken.


The first image took a bit of maneuvering, but in the end, it was worth it!  First thing, Baby C had to fall asleep, and into a deep sleep.  A football is much harder and colder than Mommy’s loving embrace, so he had to be in his milk coma – LOL.  We sat Dad down on a chair and put the boppy around his waist, covered him up in a black cloth, placed the football in position and then carefully placed baby C in position.  Then baby C made us perfectly aware that his body is functioning just the way it was intended (LOL).  After the clean-up he went right back to sleep (WHAT a trooper) and we placed him back into position and I took the photo.  Cute Little Thing…



When a new sibling is introduced into the family, I make sure that the older child, in this case, sister, feels just as important as her new new brother.  There is always a mini session, just for her – after all, she is just as excited as Mom and Dad.  The images are taken when baby is being fed/soothed or changed.  She made a great ballerina.


The next photo, I just adore.  Can’t you feel the love?



Child Photographer – Springfield VA – 9 Years Old

Just looking at these two images – they really do speak much louder than any word that I can write.  I love this age.  The kiddos look so much older,  You can almost see who they will be as adults.  Their features are set, more often than not the little personalities are set in stone.  I have discovered that I love every age – kids are just so wonderful and amazing.  Look below and you can almost see this girl’s soul.



I cannot decide between the Black and White or the color, so I am showing both…




A Photographer AND a Cook? Wow!

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned that this Blog will be all about me.  Not just my photography.  So as promised, here is my first Blogged recipe.  It was going to be lemon chicken, but my family gobbled it up so quickly I did not have a chance to take a photo.

But tonight was a different story.  I made Clams in Butter – with those two ingredients, you know it had to be good!


Glass of your favorite White Wine

4lbs of rinsed clams

1 stick of butter

Himalayan Salt

2oz of GOOD olive oil

4 cloves of garlic


Meyer Lemon

1) Pour a class of your very favorite white wine.  Pour a sip in the wok and then drink the rest for yourself. 🙂

2) Mince the 4 cloves of garlic (one clove per lb of clams)

3) Put 1/2 stick of butter in the wok and cook until butter is brown.  Put in about 1/2 tsp of salt (reg salt will do, but I was watching Food Network, soooo I HAD to have Himalayen salt (LOL)

4) Add Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley (I used dried Parsley so Sprinkle on top till you cannot see the butter any more (I’m hard of measuring – but I WILL get better)

5) Saute for about a minute and add the clams (dont forget to drink some wine) and stir to make sure coated

6) Put a lid on WOK so they will steam, peek every once in a while and cook until open.  If you dont have a lid you can use heavy duty foil (poke holes in it) or you can Food network in up and just saute until they open

7) While clams cook, divide the remaining butter into 4 ramekins and quarter the Meyer lemon and squeze 1/4 of a lemon into the ramekin.  And when the clams are done, Pop in microwave until melted – its 20 seconds per container in mine.

8) ENJOY!  You can eat with a crusty bread or pasta – I bet a rosemary bread would be amazing.  Happy eating!

KIDS of 2012 – Looking Back so I can Run Forward

“They” say that what you do on the first day of the year is how you will spend the rest of the year. Boy, I hope that is true.

I woke up with my family around me – Literally, we were crammed in a hotel room in Massanutten. VA.  I went shopping (on-line and in person), cooked a yummy meal and edited photos.  If I can do those four things everyday, I would be one happy camper.

I also looked back at all of the wonderful clients that I had this year.  I have put together a few collages of the “big kids” that I had the great pleasure of working with.  I will do the newborns tomorrow, so please check back :).


End of Year1

End of Year2

End of Year3
End of Year4
End of Year5
End of Year6
End of Year7
End of Year9