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I’ve said this so many times, and each time I utter the words, ” I LOVE What I Do” The meaning and the feeling just gets deeper.


This family is new to the area and thankfully; one of my past newborn clients referred them to me. Baby C was 10 days old when these images were taken.


The first image took a bit of maneuvering, but in the end, it was worth it!  First thing, Baby C had to fall asleep, and into a deep sleep.  A football is much harder and colder than Mommy’s loving embrace, so he had to be in his milk coma – LOL.  We sat Dad down on a chair and put the boppy around his waist, covered him up in a black cloth, placed the football in position and then carefully placed baby C in position.  Then baby C made us perfectly aware that his body is functioning just the way it was intended (LOL).  After the clean-up he went right back to sleep (WHAT a trooper) and we placed him back into position and I took the photo.  Cute Little Thing…



When a new sibling is introduced into the family, I make sure that the older child, in this case, sister, feels just as important as her new new brother.  There is always a mini session, just for her – after all, she is just as excited as Mom and Dad.  The images are taken when baby is being fed/soothed or changed.  She made a great ballerina.


The next photo, I just adore.  Can’t you feel the love?



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