My Pixie|Photographer’s Kid|In my yard

So often I post sneaks and write blogs about my client’s kids and newborns.  Today I will deviate and post about “baby” Chris –  My son. These images were taken a week before School started and also after his surgery.  He had guided growth plates put in to correct his bowed legs – the plates are out and he’s standing and walking and running (that part scares me).  His surgeon told me to let him determine what he can and cannot do and asked that I NOT be a helicopter mom as it will only hinder the process of him getting stronger and confident with his legs.  So, I had him go outside and pose for me.

I picked the t-shirt cuz the Guns N Roses concert was amazing!  Axl sounded great – I was shocked – anyway – here’s my 13 year old baby…



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