Baby Girl|Arlington Photographer|11 Days New|Proud Poppa

Every single time I photograph a newborn, I get younger. I no longer feel like the Mom of a 14 year old teen aged boy, but a woman who gets to hold and smell little babies.  I’ve said this before but I WISH a chemist would invent newborn perfume.  I know I’d buy it.

This family lives in a great condo in Ballston  (a neighborhood in Arlington VA)   They have amazing window light that allowed me to have a few backlit photos without any of my “fancy equipment”  I just stood Mom and her newest baby in front of the sliding glass door and this is what I got.  This was the last photo of the day…


After this was taken, I was talking to dad about his eye sight.  He mentioned that both he and Mom have contests about who can see the furthest.  Clearly their genes transferred to their youngest.  At the tender young age of 11 days old, she could actually see me  She was tracking my every move – when she wasn’t sleeping.  It was an amazing thing to witness.

And for good measure, I Have to show a photo of the eldest “baby” and her daddy. 

And a sleeping baby.  One of my favorite poses.   Look at those cheeks!!!


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