About Pat

I am a full time professional photographer.  I specialize in child and family photography in Northern VA and the DC Metro Area.  All images are taken on-location – in the comfort of your home or at a local park.  I volunteer for Red Thread Session (Free Photo session for those who just adopted) and a few other organizations whose purpose is to make kids lives better.

My style is simple, classic and clean.  I focus on the personalities of each individual.   Props and clothing are uses as an accessory. The goal is for you and the viewer to see your child, not his/her clothes or the basket the newborn is sleeping in. (Yup. all of the photos above are self portraits – and should probably be updated – Ha!)

Most pixies (who can talk) call me “Ms Pat” but I have been known to answer to Chris’ mom…

I believe the best way to get to know someone is to ask. Below are my answers – if you have more questions – just ask 🙂

  • I have been in business since 2008 – licensed and insured
  • This is my full-time job – but Embroidery and sew on the side
  • I shoot with the Canon MKIII, I shoot RAW and only use professional L lenses.
  • I was born in England, you will never hear an accent – been here too long for that
  • Yup, I still have my green card
  • I LOVE what I do – it’s an amazing profession – minus the quarterly taxes (hee hee)
  • I did not go to school for photography, I studied Psychology and Biology
  • I learned to love photography from my grandfather in Grenada
  • I learned to knit from my Granny and my Mom taught me how to crochet
  • Our son was born in 2003 and we have been married since 1999
  • My favorite part of the job is capturing the expressions you see every day – side bar – please do not train your kids to say cheese – the smile becomes fake.
  • I LOVE to travel. The first thing I do when I go to another country or state is go to the grocery store – you learn so much about a person/place by how and what they eat
  • I caught a 6 foot shark in Key West – if it were not for my friends on the boat who helped reel it in, I would not have it – I actually tore a muscle trying to get her in the boat – It was my first fishing trip
  • My son’s passions are trains, cars swimming and music- Thomas was my life for a loooong time, and I now know more about Diesel trains, the Mustang and Corvette than I ever thought possible… So much so, I HAD to get rid of the Mom car and buy a Mustang.
  • I love cooking, I never eat canned food
  • I don’t like chocolate, crazy huh? But I don’t
  • I am still in close contact (not facebook contact) with many of my grade school friends – beauty of going to a small private school (Friends School in Baltimore)
  • The only questions I won’t answer are: my SS#, full birthdate and my mother’s maiden name (smile)
  • Favorite jewelry – ALL
  • I go Church on Sunday mornings so Sunday sessions are always in the afternoon
  • I LOVE LOVE Reality TV, anything HBO or Showtime and my Soap Operas – Young & the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful
  • My favorite “vintage” bands are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Doors
  • Favorite author is John Steinbeck – only books I can re-read
  • Favorite singers – Etta James, Janis Joplin, Christina Aguilera, Bob Marley and Jonny Lang
  • Favorite Sound – child’s laughter and seagulls squawking
  • Favorite Smell – The Ocean
  • Favorite drink – Wine and water – no coffee for me, but tea in a pinch

If you have any more questions – send me an email at pat@pixiememories.com or click the Contact Pat button.